dima Print Stone teal
dima Print Stone teal

dima Print Stone teal

The color for orthodontics: less eye strain and high heat resistance.

3D resin for 3D production of orthodontic models

The orthodontic specialist

Specifically designed for the comfortable production of all orthodontic applications

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Good to know


3D printed orthodontic models for deep drawing

Aligner models for deep drawing with extra high heat resistance and high printing speeds of approx. 11 min per model.

3D printed orthodontic model for wire bending

Models for wire bending with excellent contrast for less eye strain.


  • Compatibility

    Use with cara Print 4.0

    cara Print 4.0 3D printer for dental applications

    dima Print materials and cara Print 4.0 were designed to simplify the digital workflow as part of the comprehensive cara Print System.

  • Insulation



    Palaferm for precise insulation of 3D printed and plaster models from methacrylate acrylics.


    Use with Asiga 3D Printers


    dima Print Stone teal is approved for use with MAX UV, Pro 4K and Pro 2UV from ASIGA.



MDD class Color Flexural Strength (Mpa) Flexual Modulus (Mpa) Viscosity [mPa*sec] Printing time per part
not applicable teal 89.9 3637 300-500 11 min (100 μm in z,
deep drawing model)


Handling Information

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Instructions for use

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Product Information

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Setting Parameters

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