Variotime® – Freedom to impress


You never linked up impressions and freedom? You will now. Variotime comes with a variable time concept which provides more leeway with starting the setting time. It thereby allows greater handling freedom. This means less stress for you – and puts your patients more at ease, as well.

Ease also comes with trusting the material attributes. You place high demands on the quality, consistency and physical as well as handling properties of your impression material. You also need process-oriented adaptability for a wide range of indications. It’s what you get with our innovative A-silicone. On top of the variable time slot.


Variotime is available in 6 different viscosities and 3 different delivery forms (Dynamix cartridges, Automix cartridges and handmix doses):

  • Easy Putty / Dynamix Putty
  • Heavy Tray / Dynamix Heavy Tray
  • Monophase / Dynamix Monophase
  • Medium Flow
  • Light Flow
  • Extra Light Flow

Additionally available in the range is Variotime Bite, a scannable VPS bite registration material.

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