PalaVeneer Dentine
PalaVeneer Dentine

PalaVeneer Dentine


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  • PalaVeneer


    Maximum aesthetics in the smallest of spaces.

  • Aislar


    Aislar from Kulzer is an alginate based, formaldehyde free, aqueous solution for the separation of plaster surfaces from denture acrylic and composites.

  • Pala Idealis

    Pala Idealis

    The Pala Idealis posterior tooth line with its naturally reduced cusps is ideal for implants and prostheses for the elderly.

  • Pala Mondial

    Pala Mondial

    The Pala Mondial tooth line with its wide range of shapes offers a high degree of flexibility in all areas of removable prosthetics.

  • Pala Premium

    Pala Premium

    The Pala Premium tooth line with its fully anatomical morphology and its natural light dynamic yields very high aesthetic results, particularly for removable and fixed dentures.

  • Signum® metal bond

    Signum® metal bond

    Signum metal bond ensures an optimum adhesive bond of composite to metal framework surfaces.

  • Pala cre-active

    Pala cre-active

    Pala cre-active is our light-curing colourfluid system for individual characterisation of the denture base.