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GLUMA Desensitizer

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  • Drop Control

    More clean.

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    No jamming or soiling of the opening!

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    More precise.

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    Very precise output: Depending on the applied pressure, you can produce a smaller or bigger drop – always with a clean cut!

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    More economical.

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    The amount of single drops goes up to 220 per bottle – saving you about 50 drops per bottle!



Schematic representation of effect

Schematic representation of effect:

Blue: Intradental sealing induced by GLUMA Desensitizer within dentinal tubuli

Image dentinal tubuli

SEM of GLUMA-induced septa in dentinal tubuli.¹

Gluma-induced septum in dentinal tube

SEM magnification of a single Gluma-induced septum in dentinal tube.¹


For which indications can GLUMA Desensitizer be used?

When does GLUMA Desensitizer need to be applied in combination with a dental adhesive?

How long is the application time of GLUMA Desensitizer?

Is GLUMA Desensitizer compatible with dental adhesives and resin-based luting cements?

Why does GLUMA Desensitizer need to be rinsed off?

Why does GLUMA Desensitizer need to be air-dried prior to rinsing off?

Why is rubber dam recommended for the application of GLUMA Desensitizer?

What happens if GLUMA Desensitizer is accidentally light-cured?

Has GLUMA Desensitizer been clinically tested?

Does GLUMA Desensitizer reduce dentine hyper sensitivity immediately after application?

How does GLUMA Desensitizer reduce dentine hypersensitivity?

How long does the desensitizing effect of GLUMA Desensitizer last?

How effi cient is GLUMA Desensitizer compared to other desensitizing methods?

How long has GLUMA Desensitizer been on the market?

What is the pH value of GLUMA Desensitizer?


Clinical Studies & Reports

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General Information

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Instructions for use

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  • Translux Wave

    Translux Wave

    Translux Wave is a LED curing light for the polymerisation of dental materials such as adhesives and composites. It is developed to consistently produce high-quality fillings with an optimum polymerisation depth.

  • GLUMA Self Etch

    GLUMA Self Etch

    The self-adhesive system GLUMA Self Etch etches, primes, bonds, and desensitizes in one single step. This all-in-one bonding agent meets your everyday requirements for an uncomplicated state-of-the-art bonding agent.

  • GLUMA 2Bond

    GLUMA 2Bond

    The Etch & Rinse adhesive system GLUMA 2Bond meets your everyday requirements for uncomplicated and state-of-the-art bonding. It also provides a desensitizing effect for hypersensitive areas.

  • Translux 2Wave

    Translux 2Wave

    Translux 2Wave is a light-weight, cordless LED curing light with a 360° rotatable light beam. It offers maximum freedom of movement and technical novelties. We developed its features to perform for your benefit.

  • GLUMA Bond5

    GLUMA Bond5

    The etch & rinse adhesive GLUMA Bond5 provides what you expect for uncomplicated bonding: easy and safe handling, excellent shear bond strength, excellent adhesion to the enamel and the dentine, as well as an optimal marginal sealing.

  • Charisma Topaz

    Charisma Topaz

    Innovative chemistry for day-to-day natural restorations.
    The three most successful features of Charisma composites meet in one product: easy handling, superior physical properties and versatile layering. The result is a modern composite for day-to-day restorations.