Pala Mix & Match

Pala Mix & Match

Pala Mix & Match – a perfectly harmonised denture tooth combination system around Pala Idealis, Pala Premium and Pala Mondial

Our Pala Mix & Match principle allows you to unite all Pala Mix & Match denture teeth to get individual, professional results. The Pala Idealis posterior denture tooth now gives you even more combination possibilities for Pala denture teeth. You can cater for individual requirements with considerably more flexibility and even better provide patients with precision dentures. Combining CAD CAM technology and the INCOMP procedure maintains our exemplary form and functional accuracy. You always receive reliable, dependable shade values for all Pala denture teeth and thus an even better adaptation to individual veneerings and any residual dentition. You have all indications covered with Pala Mix & Match’s perfectly harmonised denture teeth.

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