Charisma® Topaz
Charisma® Topaz

Charisma® Topaz

Innovative chemistry for day-to-day natural restorations.

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  • Adaptive Light Matching

    Adaptive Light Matching

    ONE Shade determines the shade of the restoration by absorbing the lightwaves that are reflected by the surrounding tooth shade.

  • Unique TCD-Matrix

    Unique TCD-Matrix

    The TCD chemistry can minimise the risk of filling chippings and secondary caries.

  • Free of BPA related monomers

    Material information

    The unique TCD-matrix is free of BPA related monomers.

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Why did Kulzer develop Charisma Topaz?

What are the main differences between Charisma Opal and Charisma Topaz?

How many levels of translucency are there within the Charisma Topaz range?

Are there any differences between shades of Charisma Opal and its successor Charisma Topaz?

What does the ‘O’ mean in the Charisma Topaz shade name?

Does Charisma Topaz also offer shades for the treatment of bleached teeth?

What do the abbreviations CL and CO mean?

How can I determine the exact colour to be used?

What does Colour Adaptation mean?

Why is the Charisma Topaz Shade Guide special?

Should Charisma Topaz restorations only be completed using a layering technique?

Why does the material seem matt during layering?

Can Charisma Topaz be modelled with the brushing technique?

Which adhesive systems can I use?

Can I use a flowable material as a liner in the cavity?

Which curing lights are suitable?

Are there any differences in the curing times between the universal and opaque shades?

How can I achieve a durable high gloss?

What is the difference between shrinkage and shrinkage stress?

Is Charisma Topaz a low shrink composite?

Is Charisma Topaz a nano-material?

What is special about the new Charisma Topaz chemistry?

Charisma Diamond and Charisma Topaz are both based on the same monomer system. How do you explain the difference in consistency?

Why does Charisma Topaz contain a prepolymerised filler?

What are prepolymerised fillers?

What filler sizes are included in Charisma Topaz?

Is Charisma Topaz radiopaque?

For which indications can I use Charisma Topaz?

Charisma Topaz has a consistency that is rather creamy, but still stable. I prefer a firmer composite (in general, or e.g. only for the posterior region). Which composite would you recommend to me?

Does a softer consistency also mean increased stickiness?


Instructions for use


  • Translux® Wave

    Translux® Wave

    Translux Wave is a LED curing light for the polymerisation of dental materials such as adhesives and composites. It is developed to consistently produce high-quality fillings with an optimum polymerisation depth.

  • GLUMA® Desensitizer

    GLUMA® Desensitizer

    Every good restoration starts with the GLUMA Desensitizer. It can be used with all common adhesives and restoration materials and in every treatment situation.

  • GLUMA® Bond Universal

    GLUMA® Bond Universal

    Based on our long-term bonding expertise, we developed GLUMA Bond Universal – a universal bonding answering to all your bonding needs. It is a reliable and highly effective adhesive that ensures successful long-term restorations.

  • Charisma® Diamond

    Charisma® Diamond

    This nano-hybrid composite expands the boundaries of aesthetics, quality and performance. Thanks to the innovative formula it provides all the exceptional properties you expect from such an aesthetic state-of-the-art composite.

  • New

    Charisma® Diamond/Topaz ONE

    Charisma® Diamond/Topaz ONE

    Charisma Diamond/Topaz ONE Shade is a truly universal shade solution for the majority of everyday cases with enhanced mechanical properties.

  • GLUMA® 2Bond

    GLUMA® 2Bond

    The Etch & Rinse adhesive system GLUMA 2Bond meets your everyday requirements for uncomplicated and state-of-the-art bonding. It also provides a desensitizing effect for hypersensitive areas.

  • Charisma® Opal Flow

    Charisma® Opal Flow

    With a very good controllable viscosity, diagnosis-safe radiopacity and superior mechanical properties this flowable composite is the ideal addition to Charisma composites.