HiLite® pre 2
HiLite® pre 2

HiLite® pre 2

Pre-polymerisation lamp



Charge power supply
Input voltage: 100 – 240 V AC, 0.3 A max., 50/60Hz
Output voltage: 5V DC, 1A max.
Power supply of handpiece
Rechargeable lithium ion battery: 3.7V DC
Light source: LED 3W, 405 nm
Weight of handpiece in g: 77
Dimension of handpiece, L x ∅ in mm: 120 x 19
Dimension of docking station (W x H x D) 69 x 135 x 215



  • Signum matrix®

    Signum matrix®

    Our Signum matrix hybrid composite gives the tooth a natural, living appearance.

  • HiLite® power 3D

    HiLite® power 3D

    HiLite power 3D is our high-performance light-polymerisation unit for safe and efficient polymerisation of all light-curing dental materials and 3D printing materials.