Signum® composite
Signum® composite

Signum® composite



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  • Signum® composite flow

    Signum® composite flow

    Our flowable Signum composite flow dentines can be processed and combined in a variety of ways. Also removable restorations can be veneered even faster and more flexibly.

  • Signum cre-active®

    Signum cre-active®

    Our Signum cre-active shades mean that your results are individually characterised and the restorations are a perfect match.

  • Signum® zirconia bond

    Signum® zirconia bond

    Signum zirconia bond ensures an optimum adhesive bond between the composite and the zirconium oxide surfaces.

  • Signum matrix®

    Signum matrix®

    Our Signum matrix hybrid composite gives the tooth a natural, living appearance.

  • Signum® metal bond

    Signum® metal bond

    Signum metal bond ensures an optimum adhesive bond of composite to metal framework surfaces.