GLUMA Etch 35 Gel
GLUMA Etch 35 Gel

GLUMA Etch 35 Gel

Safe etching




Instructions for use

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  • GLUMA Bond Universal

    GLUMA Bond Universal

    Based on our long-term bonding expertise, we developed GLUMA Bond Universal – a universal bonding answering to all your bonding needs. It is a reliable and highly effective adhesive that ensures successful long-term restorations.

  • Charisma Diamond

    Charisma Diamond

    This nano-hybrid composite expands the boundaries of aesthetics, quality and performance. Thanks to the innovative formula it provides all the exceptional properties you expect from such an aesthetic state-of-the-art composite.

  • GLUMA Desensitizer

    GLUMA Desensitizer

    Every good restoration starts with the GLUMA Desensitizer. It can be used with all common adhesives and restoration materials and in every treatment situation.

  • Translux 2Wave

    Translux 2Wave

    Translux 2Wave is a light-weight, cordless LED curing light with a 360° rotatable light beam. It offers maximum freedom of movement and technical novelties. We developed its features to perform for your benefit.