High-quality for dental technicians

Kulzer supports dental technicians in all application areas, from work preparation and modelling to full dentures, with reliable materials, devices and accessories. With our long-standing expertise we are catering to your individual product needs by offering a broad range of high-quality dental materials.


Everybody's Delara

A modern tooth line for everyday use with lifelike aesthetics

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Unrivalled aesthetics

Ceramic veneering has never been easier – and it’s never looked so good.

Take a look at HeraCeram Saphir
HeraCeram Saphir

Incredibly Strong

High-impact, self-curing acrylic for every indication.

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Artic Digital

The reliable and functional toothline

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Artic Digital

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    Signum® universal bond

    Signum® universal bond

    Signum® universal bond is an effective and proven bonding agent system for dental framework materials made with precious metal, non-precious metal, titanium, zirconium dioxide and PEEK high-performance polymers.

  • HeraCeram® Zirkonia 750

    HeraCeram® Zirkonia 750

    HeraCeram Zirkonia 750 is designed as one ceramic for veneering of every type of zirconia and lithium disilicate restoration (CTE of 9,7–11,0μm/m·K).

  • PalaXtreme®


    With PalaXtreme you get an cold curing acrylic with high-impact strength. The “core shell technology” minimises the risk of fractures.

  • HeraCeram® Saphir

    HeraCeram® Saphir

    HeraCeram Saphir is our veneering ceramic for conventional bonding alloys in a CTE range of 13.5–14.9 μm/mK

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    3D Printing

    cara® Print 4.0 pro

    cara® Print 4.0 pro

    Our all-rounder cara Print 4.0 pro is a 3D printer developed by dental experts to be part of a comprehensive, thoroughly tested workflow.

  • 3D Print Material

    dima® Print Stone beige

    dima® Print Stone beige

    dima Print Stone beige is a 3D resin for 3D printing dental models that have the look, feel and handling properties of traditional gypsum models. Benefit from 3D production, retain the traditional feel.

  • Signum® composite

    Signum® composite

    Our Signum composite veneering system is ideal for veneering metal frameworks.

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    dima Print Mouth Guard

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