GLUMA® 2Bond
GLUMA® 2Bond

GLUMA® 2Bond

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  • Easy to use

    GLUMA 2Bond

    96% of dentists rated GLUMA 2Bond as easy to use

  • Recommended

    GLUMA 2Bond Recommendation

    87% of dentists would recommend GLUMA 2Bond to their colleagues.

  • Preference

    GLUMA 2Bond Preference

    75% of dentists rated GLUMA 2Bond as their preferred Etch & Rinse bonding agent.

Features GLUMA Self Etch GLUMA 2Bond GLUMA Bond5 GLUMA Bond Universal
Etch&Rinse, Selective Etch, Self Etch Only self etch Only etch&rinse Only etch&rinse X
Direct Restorations X X X X
Indirect Restorations X* X X X
Compatible with Self-, Dual- and Light Cure Materials without activator - X X X
Bonding to silica based ceramics without primer - - - -*
Bonding to ZrO2 and metal without primer - - - X
*in combination with a LC resin cement *with a ceramic primer



Shear bond strength

Source: Kulzer GmbH, R&D Bondings, Wehrheim, Germany.

Dye penetration

Source: Prof. Haller, University Hospital, Ulm, Germany. Unpublished data. Documentation available. GLUMA 2Bond is equivalent with tested product.


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Processing time of GLUMA 2Bond: Three to five minutes?

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Should GLUMA 2Bond be used on uncut enamel surfaces?

Should GLUMA 2Bond be used on sclerotically modified dentine?

Is it possible to use another applicator?

Why is GLUMA 2Bond simple in handling and application?

How long does the additional desensitisation effect last?

GLUMA 2Bond as a material for direct capping?

What function does glutardialdehyde have?


Instructions for use


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