GLUMA® Self Etch
GLUMA® Self Etch

GLUMA® Self Etch

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Features GLUMA Self Etch GLUMA 2Bond GLUMA Bond5 GLUMA Bond Universal
Etch&Rinse, Selective Etch, Self Etch Only self etch Only etch&rinse Only etch&rinse X
Direct Restorations X X X X
Indirect Restorations X* X X X
Compatible with Self-, Dual- and Light Cure Materials without activator - X X X
Bonding to silica based ceramics without primer - - - -*
Bonding to ZrO2 and metal without primer - - - X
*in combination with a LC resin cement *with a ceramic primer



Clinical evaluation

Source: Lee SS, Meharry M, Arambula M, Abdel-Salam N and Li Y: A 24-Month Clinical Evaluation. J Dent Res 89 (Spec Iss B), 690, 2010 ( GLUMA Self Etch is equivalent to the tested product.

Initial shear bond strength

Source: Degrange M, University of Paris, France 2007. Documentation available. GLUMA Self Etch is equivalent to the tested product.


How long after opening can a single dose still be used?

Why should GLUMA Self Etch be rubbed in for 20 sec?

Can GLUMA Self Etch be used on unground enamel?

Can GLUMA Self Etch be used on sclerotic dentine?

How long do I have to polymerise GLUMA Self Etch with a halogen or LED lamp?

How thick are the adhesive and hybrid layers created by GLUMA Self Etch?

Why does marginal discolouration not occur with GLUMA Self Etch?

Can the tests be described that show that no marginal discolouration occurs with GLUMA Self Etch?

What is the percentage of fillers in GLUMA Self Etch?

If GLUMA Self Etch contains no glutardialdehyde, how can it desensitise?

What happens when I apply GLUMA Desensitizer before using GLUMA Self Etch?

Can GLUMA Self Etch be processed with self-curing composites?

Can GLUMA Self Etch be applied on calcium hydroxide fillings?

What is the advantage of acetone as a solvent?


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    GLUMA® Bond Universal

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    GLUMA® Desensitizer

    Every good restoration starts with the GLUMA Desensitizer. It can be used with all common adhesives and restoration materials and in every treatment situation.

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