iCEM Self Adhesive
iCEM Self Adhesive

iCEM Self Adhesive

The easiest way of cementation




iCEM Sef Adhesive RlyX Unicem, Aplicap/ Maxicap Panavia F 2.0
Preparing the cement
Open capsule with activator x
Load/mix capsule in mixer x
Place capsule in dispenser x
Attach mixing tip x
Mix paste manually on mixing pad x
Conditioning the prepared tooth
Rinse prepared tooth and dry x x x
Mix primer x
Prime x
Waiting 60 s x
Dry x
Preparing the restoration
According to manufacturer's instructions x x x
Apply cement x x x
Seat restoration x x x
Remove excess x x x
Light cure or allow to self cure x x x
Number of stps required 7 9 1



Instructions for use

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Product Information

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